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The MOST COMPREHENSIVE Course ABOUT SCRUM AND PROFESSIONAL SCRUM MASTER I CERTIFICATION 3 LEARNING PATHS, FROM BEGINNERS TO ALREADY SCRUM PRACTITIONERS INCLUDES VIDEO COURSE + eBOOK (nobody else offers an accompanying eBook on Udemy) + 2 PSM I SIMULATORSHi! I am Angelo Tofalo and I have more than 15 years of professional experience gained within an important multinational Consulting company first as Project Manager and subsequently as Agile Transformation Coach. I have dozens of projects to my credit and, like many of you who are looking at the Agile, I have a strong background on traditional projects, and I became passionate about the agile methodology when I understood its strengths and the great interest that many companies are having about it.I am certified in PSM I, and also got other important Certifications like SAFe SPC (the most important worldwide Framework to scale Agile to the entire Organization), LeSS (another very important framework to Scale Agile) and PMP (prestigious certification as Project Management Professional issued by PMI institute). Why choose this course?I realized this Course because of the great interest that companies have towards Agile and Scrum practices in particular and because, nevertheless, during my experience I noticed that many Scrum projects do not actually practice the framework correctly and for this reason they get into difficulties or, in the best cases, they travel at a sub-optimal level and are unable to maximize its benefits.I have also created this Course to fill a gap in training on this subject. To learn the Scrum Framework correctly there are few quality alternatives to classroom type courses that have much higher costs and course delivery locations often far from your own. Also, many online courses are not completely aligned to the Scrum Guide and this could represent a risk for your exam.Note: All my Students pass the exam at first attempt and with an average percentage of around 95%! (with top students reporting all correct answers!)In fact, my course is very structured, rich in content and illustrations and pays great attention to detail. It represents in my opinion the best way both to approach the Framework and, above all, to better prepare for the PSM I Certification exam (which I remember is very Prestigious on the market and also quite difficult to pass).In particular, each module and each lesson is identified by a label that indicates:if its content is part of the official Scrum Guide and therefore the subject of PSM I examination questionsor represents an Additional Content (its concepts are useful to better understand some more sneaky exam questions)or an additional Content (of intermediate-advanced level) useful above all to acquire additional knowledge to be applied in the practice of work in ScrumAs a result, it is possible to build 3 learning paths:A first path intended for Agile and Scrum Neophyte who wants to acquire a first knowledge (including all the notions of the Scrum Guide Framework)A second path intended for People with basic knowledge and/or already practitioners who want to acquire all the knowledge and practices necessary to better prepare for PSM 1 Certification or rethink their Scrum practices.A third path intended for whoever wants to carry out a complete path, going as far as to deepen some important aspects and practices such as Agile requirements, the main estimation techniques, the main metrics for monitoring the progress of the project or the application of the Scrum in contexts of more than one team working on the same product.In summary, the Course consists of 3,5 hours of Video, online eBook with +250 schematic and illustrated pages divided into 10 modules and 30 lessons, 7 additional content to download, Practice Test at the end of each module and 2 final PSM I Exam Simulators consisting each of 80 quality questions in English with a complexity similar to the real exam. Each question is then accompanied by a full explanation of the correct answer. As said, no other course on Udemy offers you an accompanying ebook! This is particular useful as subsequent study (after the videos) and as quick reference during your exam ! (CTRL + F)Note1: Professional Scrum, Professional Scrum Master, PSM, PSM I, PSM 1, etc. are protected brand of Scrum . org. Current course and practice exam are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum . org. Note2: For italian learners, it is available also the italian version under this suffix: /course/corso-professionale-agile-scrum-e-scrum-master/?referralCode=F5112A0EB1566ABDB297


Il corso Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test si puo’ acquistare online ed il prezzo è di 19.99 euro. Se è il primo corso che acquisti però puoi richiedere l’offerta speciale che ti consente di comprare Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test a soli 12,99 euro.

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Il corso online “Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test” è stato acquistato da molte persone interessate all’argomento IT Certification che hanno rilasciato recensioni vere ed hanno espresso opinioni basate su acquisti reali. Le recensioni si possono visualizzare nella pagina e possono essere positive o negative in base all’esperienza di acquisto e la qualità delle lezioni di Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test. Noi consigliamo di consultare in modo dettagliato i commenti rilasciati e poter valutare al meglio se acquistare il corso Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test.

Corso Gratis

E’ possibile accedere al corso Scrum Master Certification: VideoCourse + eBook +2 Exam Test a gratis ed in modo completamente gratuito? Chi vuole seguire il corso puo’ farlo richiedendo l’offerta speciale e pagare soli 12,99€ ma non puo’ farlo in modo completamente free. Inoltre il corso è disponibile solo per chi vuole formarsi via video, quindi non sono disponibili download di file pdf online da scaricare.

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